Saturday, September 4, 2010

The End of an Era (i hope?)

By that, I mean the end of the constant blister debacle. I took myself to the running store this week and was professionally fitted for shoes. Yesterday was my birthday, so I suppose this also refers to the end of 37.

Let's revisit Things I Have Learned:
1. Time stops for no woman. All done 37, hello 38. I have one more birthday before a complete year-long depressive freakout ensues.

2. My husband is the shiznit. We are the proud holders of two tickets to see Anthony Bourdain in November. Sweet....

3. My child has sad, sorry listening skills. Please, please tell me it's because he's staring his second birthday in the face. (despite this, he is also the shiznit)

4. Do you run? GO GET FITTED FOR SOME DAMN SHOES! It's pretty much guaranteed you're not wearing the right shoes. Everything - and I do mean EVERYTHING - I thought I knew about buying myself running shoes was wrong with a big capital wrong. Not even the right size.

5. Running is infinitely more comfy with the shoes you are professionally fitted for.

6. No need to be a hero, speed demon. For real. I'm not the world's fastest runner (which is an understatement), but for some reason this morning I thought I'd put my new sports watch to good use and time my splits. That was a stellar idea when it was in my head. Less so at mile 6. Something tells me miles 6-10 might have gone by much quicker had I not gotten all speedy right out of the house. Ooof.

7. I'm reminding myself of number 6. In all seriousness, this is a potentially race-killing mistake. I've got to hold back that desire to gain time right at the start. I can always make it up later if I save my reserves properly - in other words, if I have some reserves to use. Which I will not, if I repeat today's faux pas.

That about covers it.

By the way....I know some amazing people, and they know some amazing people. Do you remember my blog post about Owen (it's ok, you can go back and look for it and read it now, I don't mind)? Well, my fundraising page went up Wednesday and I've already raised $900 for Children's Hospital of NOLA!!!!! I keep telling Owen's mom how blown away I've been by such generosity. It really is awe-inspiring. I am so proud to be running in support of such a wonderful cause.

Time to go settle in on the sofa for a little College Game Day! Football season is upon us in full force - it's the most wonderful time of the year! We're all geared up and ready to shout "Geaux Tigers" and chant "Who Dat?" with all we're worth. Whatever team you support this season, I hope you and yours enjoy every minute of it, and I wish you a great season and a spot in a good bowl game.

Unless you're a Gator fan.
Then all bets are off.

Happy long weekend!!!

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