Thursday, December 23, 2010


Oh wow. Has it really been since NOVEMBER? I haven't updated since NOVEMBER? Rest assured it hasn't been because I've got nothing to say - that would be on par with the apocalypse. LOL. Or not.

It's December 23rd, and all through our pad
I'm scurrying and working to make the holiday rad.
I need to go run, can I please find the time?
I'll hit up the Y if the kid's feeling fine.
The gifts are all wrapped, the laundry is drying
The toddler is napping and no one is crying.
There's a suitcase to pack, but still wash to be done
A gingerbread latte? Heck yeah, I'll have one!
The ducks, they are thawing
The mail should be here
Can't wait till this evening, I'm having a beer. (or two)

Actually, I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Christmas Eve is my favorite day of the year, without question. Mi esposo is not working tomorrow, which means I get to sneak out of the house early and get some outdoor mileage in.

Speaking of running, which I seem to have on the brain today for whatever reason, I've chosen my next BIG running project.....

The 2011 Philadelphia Half Marathon!!!!!

I got to looking around on running websites and realized race weekend is the weekend before Thanksgiving. How convenient for them to hold that race then, when it's the in-laws' year to have us visit for the holiday! I think I'll be checking that one off my bucket list of run.

With that note, I hear a stirring Snoog. My "me time" has come to an end. Sigh. Mommy duty calls.

Happy Christmas Eve Eve, y'all.

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