Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's Thursday?

I CANNOT keep up with the days anymore. Between the holidays, my husband's days off, and traveling, my internal calendar is done for. I have it on good authority that today is Thursday, and that tomorrow is New Year's Eve. I'll get around to a picture-packed post once life returns to normal, I promise.

Tomorrow is the last day of 2010. Raise your hand if you're as stunned by this as I am. When I was in elementary school, a very dear friend of the family told me something I didn't believe at the time but now know all too well to be the truth: when you are young, a day seems like a year, but when you are older and have responsibilities, a year seems like a day. Wise words, very wise. The years pass like days now, especially since there is a little boy in our lives. Every now and then I catch myself looking at him and wondering how the passage of time must feel from his perspective. I've long since forgotten those days.

I'm not going to make a post about all the resolutions we're making in this house - possibly because I don't want to be rereading this blog in March with my head in my hands thinking I had to have lost my damn mind or needed more caffeine or SOMETHING when those resolutions seemed like a good idea. No sir, I believe in accountability, so you will be left to imagine for yourself what a toddler-herding, treadmill-running (these days, anyway), clutter-despising *HINT HINT* woman such as myself resolves to do in 2011. The spouse, on the other hand, refuses to make resolutions despite my telling him that doing so is, in effect, making a resolution and not issuing his barbaric yawp, middle finger extended, to "the man". At least he gets to save face 6 weeks from now, right?

Days of auld lang syne. Happy 2011, y'all - I'll start the year with a post, or do my best to.

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