Saturday, July 3, 2010

Good Morning, Sunshine

Well, not really. When I hit the pavement this morning it was a few blessed degrees cooler and sprinkly, with a nice breeze (please read that as "damned headwind on the 'out' stretch of a long run"). I managed to break my miles-per-run plateau on Thursday, so today my challenge was to run without letting my mind interfere, and to allow a couple of small walking breaks if I needed them. Task A was more challenging than task B. Over the past week I've done some reading up on strategies to use to counteract the little negative voice. Oddly enough, they were helpful. I have to say this, though...3 hours post-run I still couldn't figure out why I was having trouble keeping my face off the kitchen island.

No coffee.

I can only assume it's a rookie mistake.

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