Thursday, July 29, 2010

If It's Thursday...

It must be pizza!
Yep, Thursday nights are pizza nights here. Organic 9-grain crust, all-natural pizza sauce, organic mozzarella (thank you, Whole Foods, for being my second home), and whatever toppings we're in the mood for. Lately we've been on a chicken/ground turkey, black olive, portobello mushroom, and onion run. Yum. I'm about to throw the crust in the oven for a bit to crisp, but I felt like sitting here in the quiet that only a house with a sleeping child and a husband upstairs reading Phillies news on the computer can afford. So here I sit. Ahhh.

I'm excited right now. A dear friend's birthday is today, and unfortunately we've both been so busy for the past couple of months we've hardly been in touch. I got to talk to her this morning for a while, and it started the day off perfectly. Not only is she doing well, but we've decided to run the St. Petersburg Women's Half Marathon together in November. I can't wait to spend some time with her. It's a friendship I've missed. To make things even better, a couple of girlfriends from my former gym are going to run with us! How much fun is it going to be to go to the expo with girlfriends - to focus on friendships and running for that weekend? All just a quick drive over the bridge, and all the hubs and boy will need to do is stand on the side of the road and cheer us on. Win-win, in my opinion. I've missed my friends dearly. That's one of the toughest parts of motherhood. The life you had pre-baby tends to fall to the wayside.

Speaking of happy, and of motherhood, I'm also jazzed to be having lunch tomorrow with a girlfriend I don't see often enough. She's expecting her first child, a daughter, and the last time I saw her she had not even told her family. She'll be the beneficiary of two ginormous boxes of maternity clothes! Pay it forward, right? I'm so happy for this couple. They have waited so long for this, and will be wonderful parents.

Training is going well. Today's speed/tempo workout showed me that my hard work is paying off. For those of you who don't run, or who aren't training for something in particular, speed and tempo work is a good way to increase your endurance and pace for a race. I do mine the way many people do: 5 minute walking warmup followed by an easy (conversational pace) mile, followed by alternating quarter-miles of just-about-as-fast-as-I-can-hold-without-dying and slightly above easy pace for 2 miles, then tempo - which is the pace I'd ideally like to maintain for most of the half-marathon - for a half-mile or so, and ending with either more slow and easy or just straight to walking. I like this workout day, which alternates between Monday and Thursday, because it's mentally engaging. It's treadmill, but it's in no way mindless. My interval speed is picking up, as is my tempo. I like this a lot.

Oh.....and I bought a silly visor today. No more hothead hathead for this girl. I'd have just ditched it for sunglasses, but I have a bit of sun paranoia so I need to shade my face. Don't bother mentioning that I live in Florida and have sun paranoia. I get it, LOL. (insert winky smiley here)

And somehow it all comes back around to the pizza. Which, just for my own edification, isn't going to cook itself. I love that I can cook and eat pizza now.

Happy Friday eve, whatever you're eating.....

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