Sunday, July 11, 2010


1. I have so many pictures here that need to be hung up. Why are they not hung up yet?

2. I need to go to the running store and try on some new shoes and socks. I'm tired of the lining in the heel of my precious Mizuno Wave Riders splitting and exacerbating my frustrating blister issues. I love those shoes, but man. They cost too much money for me to have to plaster the heel lining with big bandaids or moleskin.

3. I also need new running socks. Maybe. Why do I keep getting blisters?

4. Why does my child turn into a Crabby Patty after naps? Why does he always go into his tent to poop? The huzbin now refers to the tent as "the outhouse".

5. Bathroom attendants are silly. At 37 years old, getting my own paper towel is something I can do, even with one $12 vodka tonic (!!) and one glass of pinot noir on board.


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