Saturday, July 17, 2010

High-Five for Air Conditioning

It's Florida.
It's July.
It's HOT. Stickily, muggily, oppressively HOT. Even at 7 in the morning, which is when you better have your shoes laced up and your iPod at the ready if you're planning to do any running. Never mind that this morning I had 6 miles of running on the agenda. I'm almost halfway to 13.1....amazing.

At any rate, it's been a long, air-conditioning-dependent week. Here are some things I've learned:

1. If you are going to get stuck in a rainstorm with a toddler, open play at Gymboree is the best possible place to do so. Don't expect them to continue playing, though, because what you're actually going to get is an entire roomful of toddlers with their sticky hands and faces pressed up against the window watching the rain. Oh well.

2. When you are a toddler, "up" means "down", and "down" means something you aren't telling your parents. Keeping them in the dark allows you to scream indignantly when you are put down, even though you clearly articulated "DOWN NOW" more than once. This is great fun for YOU. Not so much for them.

3. There is such a thing as a good $11 bottle of Pinot Noir. Seriously. It's called Block No. 45, and it's from San Martin, CA. Look for the 2008 vintage. I'd post a pic, but for some reason I'm having trouble getting pics to come up. If you like pinot noir, you need to give this one a shot. We got it at Whole Foods (no surprise, since I've started to feel like i LIVE at Whole Foods), I'm sure you can look it up and find it somewhere.

4. Eating after you run is a good thing.

5. Caipirinhas in the afternoon are also a good thing.

We're taking the boy to a birthday party tomorrow afternoon. The birthday season is upon us, and will carry us through December. I realized today that August is just around the corner, and with August comes the beginning of my favorite time of year. There may not be a discernible change of season in Florida, but there is a notable shift in attitude. Football is upon us, the good apples are in the grocery store, Halloween costumes are ordered, and there's not much I like more than fall.

Except winter.
But I'll settle for not having autumn weather, since the absence of winter is more depressing than I care to think about.

Carry on.....

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  1. I love that shift that comes toward the end of August here, too. I always feel like the world is ending in August, but then September rolls around and all is right in the world again. I'm glad you can retreat to the a/c in the meantime!